What is geek chic?

Is it a style, a trend, a movement, a cultural shift or just a love affair with all things uncool? First off, what is a geek? If you’re getting ready to argue about this definition, you might be one of them. A geek has obsessive, esoteric knowledge about mass media, pop culture and technology. Geeks are generally smart, they’re passionate about things most people don’t care about, and most of them tend to be early adopters when it comes to the latest gadgets. 

Geek message boards talk about the latest casting rumors for “Watchmen,” not who’s going to win the Super Bowl. Take a look at our television icons, for instance. Ugly Betty, one of TV’s most popular shows, features a girl who looks like someone’s prom date nightmare. She is a geek poster girl, from her loud, uncoordinated outfits to her shiny, in-your-face braces. The fact that she works at a fashion magazine just underscores her lack of conformity, and when we see her triumph week after week over the beautiful people, even those ex-cheerleaders must feel a little tug of excitement. And the ultimate geek, Harry Potter, is the most popular non-existent kid in history.

Fashion has even slipped into the realm of the pasty-faced gamer. Check out ads for fashionable eyewear: The frames that used to be costume pieces for kids to wear with their pocket protectors and suspenders are now high fashion (and expensive.) Yes, it’s true, geek chic is back. This time around, however, when you happen to see someone doing the geek-chic thing at a party, it’s likely their social, successful and someone you should be friends with.

Not to be confused with the hipster who relishes fashion items you haven’t heard of and ironic slogans, the “chic geek” is polished, presentable and doesn’t feel compelled to scour the city for obscure apparel. Whether you’re a bona fide geek or you just dig some of the eyewear, we’ve put together a website to help you wear this look the fashionable way.

Source: Geek Chic web site

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