Insist on the original….GEEK EYEWEAR.

Geek Eyewear
Insist on the original Geek Eyewear

GEEK EYEWEAR just returned from Italy and we want to report to you the latest fashion trends.  The move toward thick plastic frames in vintage shapes continues to gather momentum. This styling trend has no indication of declining.  Rich tortoise colors and strong sales of black color frames goes back to the early days of plastic frame manufacturing when frames where made of “zylite” (later called “zyl”).   Zyl frames were hot!   So hot they were flammable so in the early sixties zyl stopped being used.  Today’s plastic frames are made of cellulose acetate, plastic that is wood based, safe, and known for rich variance and color.
Stay tuned for the next report from Paris.  The eye care industry’s trade show SILMO is currently occurring in Paris and GEEK EYEWEAR is there!  You can rely on GEEK EYEWEAR’s blog for the latest tips on eyewear fashion.
Insist on the original …Geek Eyewear.