Jamie Meyer Teams Up with Geek Eyewear

Photos by Emilia Carpinisan
The latest Studioalbum “Good Night To Be Young” was released in October 2010 after two years in making. Much Gratefully it was greeted with excellent reviews in Melodic.net, Pasadena Independent and L.A Music Connection. The new album has had huge success in the community Ourstage.com listed in the Top 10 twice and the single “Good Night To Be Young” owned the nr#1 spot in Spring 2010. Jamie entered “HOLLYWOOD MUSIC in MEDIA AWARDS 2010” receiving a nomination for Best Song in the Country genre.

From the shores of industrial Hising Island, Gothenburg moving to world showbiz metropol Los Angeles, where he proved everyone that it’s possible to reach success with talent, courage and positive attitude, when he was presented an award for Best/Singer Songwriter at L.A MUSIC AWARDS 2008 for his second album “Great Big Change” and a nomination for his third album “Good Night To Be Young” at HOLLYWOOD MUSIC in MEDIA AWARDS 2010. Check out jamiemeyer.net    itunes.com/jamiemeyer

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