Who We Are And How We Act | Try Colorstrology On Celebrities

The theory of birthday colors is the latest personality prediction tool, based on Michele Bernhardt’s book, Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You. We at Geek Eyewear are excited about this new way to understand who we are and how we act, especially because each Colorstrology color is provided by our favorite color expert, Pantone. Each Pantone birthday color can help to predict the personality of a person born on that day.

We’ve analyzed the colors associated with each month and the celebrities born during these months and we agree that birthday color has a strong correlation with personality types.

April’s Pantone color is Cayenne, and celebrities with April birthdays embody many of Cayenne’s key attributes.

Celebrities with April birthdays include Pharrell (April 5), Emma Watson (April 15), Jessica Alba (April 28), Mandy Moore (April 10), and Robert Downey Jr. (April 4). These celebs show many of Cayenne’s characteristics.

Cayenne is a fiery fierce color. This high-pitched red is a perfect fit for strong personalities like those of Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Robert Downey Jr. Cayenne is a bold, vibrant color, so don’t expect these courageous celebs to back down in a fight.

April is a time of rejuvenation and those with April birthdays channel that energy into strength and passion; for evidence of this dedication look no further than Pharell Williams or former teen star Mandy Moore. Cayenne is exciting and unforgettable and these celebrities have a presence that’s hard to ignore.

Cayenne’s captivating warmth makes for an excellent fashion choice, as well. Pantone recommends mixing Cayenne with Freesia. Cayenne can also make an excellent accent that adds a bright flash to neutral colors.

Expect to see this beautiful bold color in designs from designers like Nanette Lepore and Tracy Reese.  We believe that Cayenne is an excellent color for accessories as well, like purses and, of course, eyewear! For a fierce Cayenne look that channels these celebs, we recommend a pair of red cat eye glasses or wayfarer.

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