Check Out What August Brought Us | Presidents, Legends, Superstars

The month of August has provided us world leaders, athletes, and stars brighter than the sun: not a big surprise with August’s Pantone color being Sun Orange. Each month we use the Pantone theory from the book Colostrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You and we always seem to find the perfect celebrities to fit! No doubt the folks at Pantone are on to something.

August’s Pantone birth month color is Sun Orange: a regal, inspiring, and powerful color that resonates with greatness. 

We find powerful and inspiring leaders in August such as Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. They both were born in August. We also find two Kings of the Court, Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba is a powerful presence in the NBA and hoops legend Magic Johnson is a true inspiration to everyone. 

August baby Halle Berry tops our list of the most regal actresses and Chris Pine dresses so sharp you couldn’t get him past the TSA. 

We would be remiss if we did not mention August’s royalty:  The Great Robert De Niro, and Queen of Reinvention, Queen of Pop and basically did everything first – Madonna.

We also found that George Hamilton was born in August. This fits perfectly because of his debonair style and the fact he has been Sun Orange since 1972. 

Ladies, if you’re looking to add a bit of Sun Orange to your wardrobe and make an impression, we recommend the following trendy products:

geek glasses august
Geek Eyewear for August

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