What do Malcolm X and Vince Lombardi have in common?

What do Malcolm X, Richard Gere, Vince Lombardi, Matt Damon and Kevin Costner all have in common (besides being famous, of course)?

Despite being from a range of different generations, they have all been fans of this vintage, plastic-metal geek styled frame. GEEK EYEWEAR has breathed new life into this iconic 1950s style through their GEEK 201 frames.

The design is faithful to its origins; however, some technical refinements, like a double-screw lens locking system and a metal bridge, have been added to provide strength and comfort.

The tortoise-gold frame (also available in black-silver) is sleek and shiny and its bold shape completes the trendy geek-chic look.

Matching vintage plaques on the frame fronts adds to its retro appeal, making this frame a must-have fall fashion accessory.

GEEK EYEWEAR photo by Fitz Carlyle

I found one available atwww.GeekEyewearStore.com

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